Retreat Back To Your Self


Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!


On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.



Hope is a Yoga & meditation teacher and a mental wellness advocate. Trained in New York City, Hope has taught in premier studios across Manhattan. She has hosted yoga retreats in Turks and Caicos, Barbados and Burlington, VT and has led employee wellbeing events for organizations internationally.

Connecting to others through empathy and vulnerability, Hope is able to create spaces where students feel held to retreat back to their true Selves. Cultivating community wherever she is, Hope has partnered with businesses and brands across the nation. Recently, Hope has collaborated with Von Bargen’s Jewelers, Soul Simone, Mamava and Beauty Garde. Hope has also contributed to Shape Magazine, sharing her mental health journey and self-care approach, she’s been tapped as a yoga specialist for Health Magazine and has been highlighted in Yoga Journal’s “Who’s Who in ‘The Future of Yoga.’”

Passionate about serving pregnant & postpartum bodies as well as people of color, Hope is on the advisory board for the Yoga Equity Project at Laughing River Yoga as well as a pre/post natal yoga teacher at Grow Prenatal & Family Center.


What you’ll find in all of Hope’s classes is inclusion and equality. Everyone is welcome and everyone belongs. Her classes are about finding the flow at your own pace, and being present with yourself. Her classes are safe, fun, and you leave class feeling calm and grounded.

Elizabeth Reina

What I appreciate most about Hope’s teaching is her ability to create a safe space for all bodies and abilities. Her flows seamlessly balance poses that both offer challenge & support and help active release. You leave class feeling strengthened and centered in your practice.

Alicia Taylor

Hope came the morning of my cousin’s wedding and did some relaxing yoga with a small group of us. She even gave us some breathing techniques to remember throughout the day. She was so professional and punctual and worked with us in a small Manhattan hotel room! She helped us to relax and bond and my cousin felt great afterward! Love Hope!

Alexis Costanzo

Highly empathetic, engaging and humble, Hope’s approach to teaching yoga continues to inspire and enrich my personal practice and understanding of yoga philosophy. Every class of hers that I’ve engaged with has left me feeling more attuned to my body’s needs and enhanced my trust in its inherent wisdom.


Hope introduced me to all of the well known benefits of yoga by designing a bespoke programme for me that benefitted my ailments immensely, always in a safe way. She did so much more than that though as she took care of my mind, body and spirit as she educated, encouraged and supported me to achieve things physically I would have never thought possible.

Ian Devine

My personal yoga session with Hope was exactly what I wanted and needed.  She was very responsive to my requests for preferred pace, offering wonderful adjustments in each pose. I was left feeling perfectly stretched, challenged, and refreshed in all the best ways.


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